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Arcane Recovery - Bali Blue Moon | 12oz/340g

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    Bali Blue Moon is a unique bean in a lot of ways.  The family-owned farms that we purchase these beans from grow the coffee in rows between orange & tangerine trees; maturing them in their shade. Additionally, the high altitude in which they're grown forces the coffee to mature slower; producing larger, harder beans that are slightly blue in color before being roasted.

    This coffee consequently benefits the most from being roasted dark, which brings out its rich and nutty flavors. We don't know if it's the tangerine trees or what, but this coffee is distinctly sweeter than most Indonesian varieties as well (a nice little bonus.)

    *100% coffee - nothing added* (No nuts, no flavoring)

    Roast Dark
    Region Kintamani Highlands in North Bali, Indonesia
    Soil & Elevation Volcanic loam soil at 1200-1600 meters (3937-5249 feet) above sea level
    Tasting Notes "Syrupy" notes of dark chocolate, molasses and brown sugar
    Aroma Toffee
    Body Rich body with low acidity
    Process Hand picked, wet-hulled and two-step sun dried on raised beds


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    Jessica Nguyen

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