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Fey Step - Guatemala Waykan

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    Start Your Daily Journey With Found Familiar’s Fey Step Coffee

    “There’s too many of them!” Ruana slammed her maul into yet another cultist, then glared at the rogue. “Can’t you speed this up?”

    “I’m trying!” Zamora cried. The warrior didn’t seem to understand that even simple spells required concentration. Fortunately, the idol was small enough to move with such tricks. Almost there...

    “Behind you!” For a moment, Zamora saw Pavla pointing in her direction, but then she was gone. There was a quick flash of light, and then the gnome was grinning by her side. “I’ll cover you,” she said. “Just get that thing!”

    If you’re planning a busy day full of adventure (or just need to be on your toes), Fey Step coffee will help you be ready for whatever life sends your way. Hailing from Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region, this Wakyan coffee bean blend is a delicious mix of Typica, Cattura and Bourbon varieties that imparts a sweet, fruity, nutty taste. Its smoothness is perfect for your morning cup or something to sip throughout the day. Best of all, each 12 ounce bag of Fey Step features original artwork from some of our favorite independent creators. No matter where your path leads, our Fey Step Guatemala Waykan is a great coffee to have by your side.



    Meet the artists:

    Christine S.

    Jessica Nguyen

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