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    Let Nothing Stand In Your Way With Hex Dark Roast Coffee From Found Familiar

    “What IS that thing?” Zamora had never seen Ruana look scared before, but it was understandable, given the circumstances. Whatever was blocking their path was big, ugly and...unsettling. Whatever it was, it was definitely unnatural.

    “It appears to be a construct, miss.” Rogan stepped forward and loaded his crossbow, but Zamora could see the worry on his face. “I’ll see what I can do with it; you lot keep our new friend safe.”

    Zamora, Saoirse and Tandy looked back at the man they’d rescued from one of the cells. He was a fairly young half-orc, though he’d obviously been through a lot. And unfortunately for all involved, they couldn’t understand a word he said. Saoirse had given him a large sword they’d come across, but could he even use it?

    Without warning, the half-orc suddenly stood and extended his right hand forward while shouting. A dark, swirling energy engulfed the creature in front of them; before anyone else could react, the half-orc ran ahead and slashed at the being, which screamed.

    Rogan blinked. “Well, that was unexpected…”

    There are some days when you need to be unstoppable. That’s why Found Familiar is proud to bring you Hex, a dark roast coffee featuring Lempira and Cattura beans from the Francisco Morozan region of Honduras. The perfect indulgence for dark roast coffee fans, this roast offers notes of baker’s chocolate and toasted almonds, offering a full bodied taste paired with mild acidity so you can enjoy a smooth, flavorful cup. An excellent choice for breakfast or for pairing with decadent desserts, Hex is sure to satisfy both casual coffee drinkers and aficionados alike. It’s also a welcome addition to the gaming table for moments when GMs and players need something sippable during long battles or marathon sessions. Sample Hex with a 2 ounce bag or purchase a full 12 ounces and enjoy beautiful artwork from independent creators. No matter what you’re facing, Hex can help you power through.

    Meet the artists:


    Sara Zunda  

    Zakiya Goggins  

    Copyright of the art presented on this website and the products sold by Found Familiar remain the exclusive property of the Artist. Copyright is administered by Found Familiar, the Artists, or their agents. Found Familiar has received express permission from the artists to feature their work.

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