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    Get Focused With Found Familiar's Metamagic Coffee

    “Wait! Who are you?” The guard pointed his spear at the group, and Zamora sighed. She knew that so-called distraction wouldn’t stay confined to the main entrance. Everyone would be on high alert, and now they were trapped in a narrow hallway.

    “It’s all right, friend.” Saoirse smiled and stepped forward, waving her hand. “We just heard about your group, wanted to see what you were all about...”

    A few moments later, the guard was smiling and giving them a tour of the place. “It’s all right,” Saoirse whispered to Zamora. “I put a little something extra into that trick. We’ve got a couple of hours at least.” 

    The right coffee is essential when you’re trying to meet a work deadline, finish a DIY project or put the finishing touches on a battle map. That’s why our Metamagic coffee features flavors that can keep you going while you complete the task at hand. Our Sumatra Gayo Mandiri features S-Line and Caturra varietals waith fruity, floral, earthy characteristics. In addition to citrus and jasmine, you’ll also taste hints of bittersweet chocolate, golden raisins and baking spices. Metamagic coffee is a great match for either breakfast or desserts during the fall and winter season, but we’re willing to bet that you’ll want to enjoy it all year long. Pick up a sample or order a 12 ounce pack featuring incredible art from some of our favorite independent creators.


    Meet the artists:

    Couple of Kooks  

    Alyssa T.  

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