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Spare the Dying | Sirinya

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    Revive Yourself With Spare The Dying Coffee From Found Familiar

    “How could she have been so stupid?” Zamora glanced down at the wounded sorceress and scowled before scanning the passageway again. “She’s going to die if Ruana doesn’t get to us in time.”

    “Don’t worry, miss. It’s not the first time Saoirse’s nearly gotten herself killed.” Rogan didn’t seem too worried, but that didn’t make Zamora feel better about their current situation. The half-drow was looking a bit more grey than usual...

    “Where is she?” Ruana’s voice echoed in the dark. Zamora sighed with relief, stepped out from behind the corner and waved the woman over. Ruana kneeled down, touched Saoirse on the arm and fixed the dwarf with a hard stare. “Rogan, didn’t you say you adopted her? Try keeping her out of trouble.” 

    Sometimes you need something extra to help you get up and get back in the fight. That's why we offer Spare the Dying coffee - it's just what the cleric ordered. This Sirinya coffee from the Mae Suai region features a mix of Typica, Caturra and Bourbon coffee beans that offer a unique, distinctive flavor profile. Hints of dried mango, raspberry, dark chocolate and baking spices combine to create an exciting taste experience that's sure to pique the interest of any adventurous coffee drinker. Perfect for a late night gaming session or serving with desserts, Spare the Dying coffee will help you be ready for whatever lies ahead.


    Meet the artists:

    Anna Janiszewska  

    Bruno Machado  

    Meghan Pagliaroni  

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