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Regular Gnoll | Modern Espresso

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Whole Bean or Ground?
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    Win The Challenges Of The Day With Regular Gnoll Modern Espresso Coffee From Found Familiar

    “Ugh. Gnolls. The worst.” Tandy wrinkled her nose as she looked at Zamora. “Figures a cult dedicated to an evil god would have gnolls guarding the prisoners.”

    “I’m not happy about it either.” Zamora glanced through the crack in the wooden door, counting the gnolls as they prowled the narrow passageway. “But we can do this as long as we’re quick.”

    “I think that can be managed.” Tandy thought for a moment, a smile slowly creeping across her face. “I have a spell that can help us deal with this, if you’re ready with a sneak attack.” 

    Zamora smiled back. “I’m always ready.”

    Need an extra boost to face a difficult task? Found Familiar has got you covered with Regular Gnoll. This modern Italian style espresso coffee blend features a seasonally changing blend of beans from a wide range of regions and varietals. Once combined, these beans offer flavor notes reminiscent of Bing cherries, brown sugar and cream. Pair Regular Gnoll coffee with cream and sugar, or enjoy it black. Either way, it’s a great option for pairing with sweet breakfast treats, a light lunch or the rare gaming brunch. Each of our 12 ounce bags features original gnoll art from independent creators, and we also offer a 2 ounce sample bag so you can give this variety a try. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to be ready for anything.

    Meet the artists:

    Bob Q!  

    Jessica Nguyen  

    Copyright of the art presented on this website and the products sold by Found Familiar remain the exclusive property of the Artist. Copyright is administered by Found Familiar, the Artists, or their agents. Found Familiar has received express permission from the artists to feature their work.

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