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Whole Bean or Ground?
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    Find Initiative In Your Coffee Cup With Our Colombia Gran Galope Single Origin

    “Right.” Rogan scratched his chin as they observed the guards. “Shall I go arrest them?”

    “You can’t just walk up there like it’s the town square,” whispered Zamora. “We need a plan.” She thought for a moment. “Maybe you and Ruana could distract them, Tandy? Make noise or something while Pavla and I sneak around the back? Saoirse and Rogan could —” 

    “I prefer a more direct approach.” The sorceress stood up, her red hair clashing against the green of the trees. Balls of magical energy suddenly flew out toward the cave entrance, and the half-drow grinned. “Let’s get this party started, shall we?”

    Whether you’re starting your day, beginning a project or planning a new campaign, our Initiative Colombia Gran Galope coffee can help you move forward. Made from a mix of Castillo and Caturra varietals, this coffee features hints of caramel, toffee and plum for a delectable (and slightly decadent) flavor. Columbia’s Huila region is famous for its coffee, and it’s often cited as a favorite among roasters and baristas alike. Initiative comes in two sizes a 2 ounce sample or a 12 ounce bag that features one of several pictures created by independent artists. Don’t get caught flat-footed! Be ready for anything with a cup of Initiative coffee.


    Meet the artists:

    Crystal Sully  

    KP11 Photography 

    Ansen Photos 

    Sara Zunda Illustrations  

    Copyright of the art presented on this website and the products sold by Found Familiar remain the exclusive property of the Artist. Copyright is administered by Found Familiar, the Artists, or their agents. Found Familiar has received express permission from the artists to feature their work.

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