Shipping Policy

We Strive For Freshness

Since there is such a narrow window between roasting coffee and the coffee going stale (a few weeks generally), we only roast our coffee as it is ordered.  Even better, we ship it out that same day - Typically a few hours after it's been roasted, the coffee is on its way to you!

Our roasting and shipment days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So keep in mind that if an order is placed Tuesday, Thursday, or over the weekend, your coffee won't be shipped until the next roasting day.  The same applies for orders made after 5PM/17:00 Pacific on roasting/shipment days. 

For a nifty timezone conversion tool, check here:


Our Shipping Rates 

Paying for shipping sucks. Period. It's no fun for you as the customer or to us as the seller, but we do our best to eat what shipping costs we can. We wanted to offer free shipping across all purchases when we first discussed opening the store. Unfortunately, doing so would either mean driving up the cost of our products (which really means you'd still be paying for shipping) or going out of business because we ain't makin' no money.


Our flat rate shipping costs, generously handcuffed to us by USPS, are as follows:

U.S. (and all territories)
Priority Shipping (Typically 3 - 5 business days)
0.0 lb – 1.5 lb ( 27oz) $5.99
1.6 lb+ ( 28oz)
Coffee purchases over $60 FREE


First-Class Package International Service™ (7 - 21 business days)
0.0 lb – 0.5 lb (≤ 8oz) $9.99 / $13.28CAD
0.6 lb – 2.0 lb (9 - 32oz) $14.99 / $19.93CAD
2.1 lb – 3.0 lb (33 - 48oz) $23.99 / $31.89CAD
>48oz not offered N/A

International (Rest of the World)
First-Class Package International Service™ (7 - 21 business days)
0.0 lb – 0.5 lb (≤ 8oz)  $11.99 / 10.75
0.6 lb – 2.0 lb (9 - 32oz) $24.99 / €22.40
2.1 lb – 3.0 lb (33 - 48oz) $38.99 / €34.95
>48oz not offered N/A


Free Shipping

At a certain point, we can cover the entirety of shipping and still make enough of a profit to stay afloat - so that's the plan. Single orders of coffee valued at $60.00 or more before taxes are eligible for free shipping within the United States & its territories. Free shipments to Canada and the rest of the world... well.  We don't make enough of a profit from the sales to cover shipping when it costs as much as it does to ship internationally. Because of that we don't offer free shipping outside of the U.S. :(